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A little bit of what's been going on down at Greenroom.

Scottish Creative Awards

Yawning slightly as we write this... that's down to good times at the Scottish Creative Awards last night.

We know awards aren't the be all and end all...but admittadly it's nice to win them. 

We were genuinly thrilled to win with short film 'Silence' for best online film. It's the films second award this year and we're supremly proud of it.

We also recieved a highly commended for our Cinema commercial for the Yes campaign... losing out to Story - which is fine cause they're lovely and deserved it.

You can view the full list of winners here

Well done chaps. 

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Chris V The Ice Bucket Challenge

We know its been cluttering up facebook news feeds for the last two weeks, but something that raises lots of money for charity along with general awareness for a cause can't be a bad thing.

So, when we learned Chris had been nominated for the ice bucket challenge we somewhat jumped on the chance to soak, freeze and film him.

Some may say our execution was slightly over the top, but with a RED Epic sat in the cupboard we thought shooting it at 200fps only made sense.

Click here to watch Chris get soaked, in slow motion, by the Greenroom girls.

Creative Award Nominations

Greenroom are thrilled that two pieces of our work have been nominated for a Scottish Creative Award.

A cinema commercial we made for YES Scotland and a short film called 'Silence' have both made the nominations list.

Whether we win or not, we're guaranteed a good night. Lots of good food, copius amounts of wine and probably some 'dad dancing' from Magnus. A win would be preferable over the latter...

You can see all the other catagories and work which have been nominated here:


Good luck to all involved; we look forward to seeing you all there.


Greenroom scoop two top comms awards

We celebrated a great night last Friday when we collected two gongs for our recent work. One, Best Audio/Visual Stakeholder Communication went to 'Silence' which was produced and directed by our very own Lucy. The other was for our work for Ardbeg, RBS and Glenmorangie under the category Best Use of Imagery. The IoIC Scotland 2014 Communcation Awards focus on celebrating the best in enguagement with employees and stakeholders.

We also picked up a highly commended for The Business of Fishing, a film made for Seafish. 

Needless to say the Greenroom team partied in style at the awards ceremony. Of course a huge thank you has to go to our clients for entrusting us with their work. We'll always do our best to create films that get the message across in an enguaging way!


We are spreading the love for our home town of Edinburgh with two new adverts for the Lane Agency as part of their campaign #THISISEDINBURGH campaign. One advert is targeted at the fams looking for a fun day out in the city and the other atthe younger generation who like to splash their cash in the shops and bars.

We wanted to showcase Edinburgh as the modern and stylish place we know and love. We worked with insanely talented Director Rohan Blair-Mangat to show the cosmopolitan and fun side of our city.

Whether it's a day out with the kids or a shopping spree with the girls, Edinburgh's got it all. Have a look at the family advert here and the shopping advert here

Awards season is upon us

Its not just the Hollywood set who are dusting off their ball gowns...we've got a few award ceremonies coming up too!

Our wonderful producer Lucy Ball wrote and directed a short film called "Silence" about the issues faced by young gay people in schools. Created for LGBT Youth Scotland and Fife council. The film has now attracted attention nationally. This has culminated in it being nominated for the IVCA Laurus award! You can watch it here

We also have the glamourous IoIC Scotland Awards coming up where our work for Seafish, RBS, Ardbeg and "Silence" are up for some more award glory. Wish us luck guys!

Nose For Coffee..

Fine Coffee Club...sexy, stylish, luxury in a cup and ermm an anteater?! Yep, Greenroom (with the help of Studio Moo) were able to create what must surely be the worlds first coffee drinking anteater and boy is he charmer!

Fine Coffee club offer a cost efficient and high quality alternative capsules for Nespresso Machines. We are quite proud of our little anteater spreading the Fine Coffee club message.  Take a look at our advert, we bet it makes you want a cuppa.


Flavourly are a young, funky brand that deliver delicious flavour boxes right to your door. They wanted an advert that tickles your taste buds & shows how diverse their products are.

We made use of motion control which gave us seamless movement around the food.  We got our hands on a periscope lens (the only one in Scotland!) to give us a real close up look at the food and we created beautiful slow motion shots with our own RED epic.

Life needs a great venue

Home is where the heart is and ESPC wanted an advert to show that the home is the backdrop to your great life adventure.

With agency Flock we took the idea of following one family's life adventure using a living room to visualize  all of  the changes life can bring.  We used motion control and very clever (if we do say so ourselves) set dressing to take us back to the 60s all the way through to the naughties in one smooth motion with some dodgy wall paper on the way. Sitting in the 60's dressed set brought back a few fond memories for our more retro crew members!

With super cool David Boni at the helm, we created a slick, smooth advert that gets the message across quickly and effectively without losing any of the emotional weight.

Diet Chef ‘Numbers’

This has to be one of our funnest shoots to date (who thought dieting could be this much fun? seriously?!)

We were blessed with amazing clients (Yes, amazing clients), A super talented/super cool Director in the form of Mr Jon Stevens, A great production crew & an absolute star actress. Everyone pulled together to make the production of the ad a joy to work on.

The finished result is a slick, beautifully shot, real TV Commercial which talks to an audience rather than alienates them.

The idea was to show a day in the life of someone who is using Diet Chef, with them casually chatting about how it works & fits in around their normal working day. Casting was key, and Lyndsey, who we cast for the ad was the perfect mix of modern day bird with a personality and big smile to go with it.

The tagline our creatives Will&Jim came up with  ”Let us do the counting for you” – taking the focus away from the obsessive calorie calculators to just enjoying life, enjoying food and enjoying Diet Chef.

Ardbeg TracTOUR

There was a airstrip. Yep, thats right, it was the Top Gear race track down in Dunsfold, Surrey. There was a 1960′s Lotus formula car (Jim Clarks in fact), a flock of TV star sheep and… a pimped up tractor.

Sounds like a dream, but it wasn’t… (Well, a metaphorical one maybe)… This was one of the coolest shoots we’ve ever worked on.

Thanks to the creative wizardry of the team at Story UK, we actually got to do the above.

Ardbeg had commissioned the ‘pimping up’ of a tractor. The tractor will go all around the world appearing at various Ardbeg events, for whisky fans to lap up. Hence where it got the name, TracTOUR.

We shot the glossy shots in a studio built especially with shooting vehicles in mind (Malcolm Ryan Studios, Wimbledon, London) and this allowed us to get some beautiful shots which we open the film with.

Directed and Shot by David Boni, the film is visually stunning, as well as being a bit cheeky, pretty hilarious and a tad quirky.

A Personal highlight for Greenrooms Production Manager Lucy was being driven round the Top Gear race track by a team Lotus Driver in his supercharged lotus elise.

Watch the film, do it.

Soldier On!

We love making adverts and when they are for a good cause it just gets better.

Scottish Veterans Residences are a charity that supports veterans who are adjusting back to everyday life and society through supported living and counselling.

The Lane who were creative on this commercial were after something powerful and emotional and Greenroom were up for the task. Working with Director David Boni for his mix of stunning visuals and drama to help us deliver.

We had a great time working on this (the fact we filmed in a super market where there was a McDonald’s for our greedy production team was a bonus!). Its always fulfilling to work on a commercial that will bring attention to such a worthy cause.

To make a donation towards this wonderful cause visit www.svrglasgow.org

7 Wonders!

We’re just polishing up some spectacular videos off for Suominen.

They feature dramatic photo realistic animations showing the Suominen logo being constructed at some iconic world locations.

The films are to be used at trade shows round the world kicking off in Miami. Commissioned via The Covey Agency.


Never content with old kit, our nagging post production team finally convinved the powers to update the kit in our edit suites. We now have two new broadcast edit suites - Hurray! These done just keep up with the Jones's but lap them several times over. New Mac Pro hardware with full 4k and 6k capabilities combined with the latest grading hardware means our commercials and films have been going out the door with eye popping beautiful, all delivered using Adobe Creative Cloud and Davinci Resolve.

The suites also had a cosmetic make over -- bold yellow armchair and all. 

Swing by and join us for a beer...