Ardbeg TracTOUR

There was a airstrip. Yep, thats right, it was the Top Gear race track down in Dunsfold, Surrey. There was a 1960′s Lotus formula car (Jim Clarks in fact), a flock of TV star sheep and… a pimped up tractor.

Sounds like a dream, but it wasn’t… (Well, a metaphorical one maybe)… This was one of the coolest shoots we’ve ever worked on.

Thanks to the creative wizardry of the team at Story UK, we actually got to do the above.

Ardbeg had commissioned the ‘pimping up’ of a tractor. The tractor will go all around the world appearing at various Ardbeg events, for whisky fans to lap up. Hence where it got the name, TracTOUR.

We shot the glossy shots in a studio built especially with shooting vehicles in mind (Malcolm Ryan Studios, Wimbledon, London) and this allowed us to get some beautiful shots which we open the film with.

Directed and Shot by David Boni, the film is visually stunning, as well as being a bit cheeky, pretty hilarious and a tad quirky.

A Personal highlight for Greenrooms Production Manager Lucy was being driven round the Top Gear race track by a team Lotus Driver in his supercharged lotus elise.

Watch the film, do it.

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