Diet Chef ‘Numbers’

This has to be one of our funnest shoots to date (who thought dieting could be this much fun? seriously?!)

We were blessed with amazing clients (Yes, amazing clients), A super talented/super cool Director in the form of Mr Jon Stevens, A great production crew & an absolute star actress. Everyone pulled together to make the production of the ad a joy to work on.

The finished result is a slick, beautifully shot, real TV Commercial which talks to an audience rather than alienates them.

The idea was to show a day in the life of someone who is using Diet Chef, with them casually chatting about how it works & fits in around their normal working day. Casting was key, and Lyndsey, who we cast for the ad was the perfect mix of modern day bird with a personality and big smile to go with it.

The tagline our creatives Will&Jim came up with  ”Let us do the counting for you” – taking the focus away from the obsessive calorie calculators to just enjoying life, enjoying food and enjoying Diet Chef.

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