We were brought in by Story to produce a film for the Quartermile Development.

The film was Directed by Mr David Boni, who worked tirelessley to bring the feel and vibrance of Quartermile to life.

The film was shot over several days in various different ways. Including helicopter filming, Drone filming, two days on our Red Epic on a DJI Ronin rig plus timelapse photography. There is also an extensive photo realistic CGI section to the film which was created by Think BDW; which was the perfect way to showcase the new commercial buildings which are still being developed.

The key with the film was to show the proximity of Quartermile to Edinburghs city centre, show the buzz and community of the development (which is stacked with cool offices and trendy bars/resteraunts) and showcase the new building spaces.

This film shows that Quartermile is a place you should want to be, whether its for work or play.