Harder is a short film we produced for an organisation called 'asc' in association with The Scottish Government. The films primary purpose is to empower professionals who work closely with people (dictors, firefighters, dentists etc) to recognise the signs of domestic abuse, and furthermore, to reach out ask ask people "are you OK?". There's not doubt it was a harrowing project to work on, but we were completelty honoured to be involed in it.

The film was shot on location in Leith and Red roof studio's. Shout outs to Sony music for the awesome track, Gail Porter for the perfect voice over, finiflex for thesound design and our wonderful client Christine who trusted us with the film. DOP was Danny Bonnar and the film was written and directed by our own Lucy Ball.

“When we first spoke to Greenroom Films about the project I mentioned to them that I really had only very vague ideas of what I wanted, and to their credit having spoken to me about what we did in the training and looked at all our training and rebranding materials Greenroom went away and within a very short space of time came back to us with the script for 'Harder' . They also went out of your way to speak to a victim of domestic abuse to get more information about the subject matter. The script went out for review to a wide range of people including those working in the violence against women field, colleagues in the Scottish Government and my own colleagues in health and it was met with a universally positive response. We really changed very little of the script at the end of the day.

On the day of filming I came along and felt fully involved with the process. The team was incredibly professional from Director Lucy Ball to the DOP all the other crew you had around. The actors could not have been better suited to the roles, particularly the three main characters.  The Greenroom Films team were all a pleasure to work with and it was great to be part of that day. The quality and tone of the film is amazing, it is beautifully and very sensitively filmed and conveys a really great picture of what some victims face daily. The second part, the call to action, could not fail to make people feel they need to do something.

The film was launched formally yesterday and has created a huge amount of interest on social media, has already been shared widely and to huge acclaim.  It was launched by Annabelle Ewing MSP and used for the first time this week in training for the fire service. Comments such as 'it is chilling' and 'it sends a tingle down your spine' show how powerful it is as a medium for conveying a very important message. We wanted to get across the nature of coercive control and this does that really well.

Thanks again for being a great team and for writing producing and directing such a powerful and hard hitting short film for us.”

- Christine Goodall, ASC/Medics Against Violence