The Courier

A TV and Cinema commercial we produced for The Courier newspaper, which is part of DC Thomsons. 

We handled entire production from start to finish including creative.

The development of this film was a real eye-opening experience for us. It was really important we got to the heart of The Courier; what it stands for, what's important to the people who read it and what's important to the people who work for it. After spending time with the vast team and deptartments involved in producing the paper it gave us a unique perspective on what's involved in sharing credible, interesting news. Getting close to the brand allowed us to come to what we believed to be the simplest of truths about The Courier; the fact that they tell the real stories. The stories that matter. The stories that are releveant. 

The commercial had to represent the quality of the brand. We didn't want to produce something that felt or looked local, small or cheap. It had to feel epic, cinematic and crafted. It had to reflect the quality and standard of the paper. Something that the whole community could be proud of.

Director: Martin Smith

Producer: Lucy Ball

DOP: Julian Schwanitz

Creative: Will Atkinson